Types of mops

Have you ever wondered what the motivation behind the mop design was? You probably got it right, when our floors get dirty, which is quite often, we need something convenient to scrub and clean that floor and that’s why we have the best spray mops.

Basically, the popular mop design features a stick with something that can scrub a floor attached to it. Unfortunately, today we now have a lot of sticks with scrubbing heads and it can be quite odious to pick the exact design well suited for your floor type.

In this article we attempt to compile a list of different types of mops to pick from. It should be appreciated that there are many types of mops in as much there are the most common types of mops being used today.

Strip Mops

This features a mop head with synthetic strips which are not as absorbent as one would expect. This mop type is highly valued because of its convenience and ease in its maintenance after mopping a dirty floor. You can do so by removing the mop head and place it in the washing machine.The mop head dries quickly which means that chances for it to get smelly or gross are very minimal.

This mop type is generally well suited for regular floor cleaning and lighter household jobs. With this mop scrubbing is relatively easy which means that you can have more work done when you use this mop.

You can also use this mop fordusting because it has a series of strips on it which can easily remove dust from surfaces without spreading it further.

Spin mops

Similar to the string mop, this mop comes with a bucket for containing water for use when cleaningyour floor. The only difference is that the bucket to the spin mop a fitted with either a foot or hand pedal used to wring out the water and/or solution which would have been absorbed by the mop.

For cleaning purposes, you can spin the mop which is effective in cleaning dirty spots and perfect in scrubbing out stains. It features an adjustable handle which can be adjusted to reach out those otherwise difficult to reach areas. This mop can well suite commercial use with its featured designs.

String mops

Although similar to the strip mop, this mop uses smaller pieces of strips made from bits of cotton. Because cotton has greater absorbing capabilities, this mop is the best option you might need to handle cleaning jobs which are quite intense.

Unlike the strip mop which is quite easy to maintain, the strip mop tends to dry slowly. Worse still, the cotton material gets spoiled easily to the point that it begins to fall apart quite easily.

However, with this mop it will be fairly easy to clean the most confined of spaces because the strings will wriggle their way into the any space during a cleaning session. This mop usually comes with a bucket and the mop gets placed in the bucket but you will have to wring it by hands.

This is quite an effective mop for cleaning massive dirty areas on a floor.

Flat mops

This mop features a flat head which usually has a disposable or reusable pad attached to it. This is an easy to use mop requiring little effort to set up which make them perfect choice for everyday cleaning.

With this mop type, regular maintenance work is done with ease as it is effective in picking up smaller amounts of dust and debris that can end up ruining your floor.  Better still, this mop is available at very affordable prices although the fact that you might need to replace the mop pads can come at an extra cost.

However, on the down side, this mop might not perform optimally if you so want to scrub off food that has become stuck on the floor.

Dust mops

This mop type is usually used prior to actually moping the floor. It features a giant broom which is used to sweep away dust, paper and all sorts of trash. It is specifically meant to get rid of dirt and dust off the floor before you might choose to use a wet mop. You can  find this mop usefulfor sweeping up larger areas such as in warehouses, shopping centres or anywhere were dirt needs to be gathered up and thrown away.

It should be appreciated that a dust mop is a form of a dry mop which does not require that you do not use water or other cleaning liquids with it. This mop can be made of different types of material and your choice will largely depend on which material type you prefer. Some mops are made of synthetics, some are made of wool while others are made of microfiber.

This mop might not be ideal for giving your floor that deep cleaning well suiting sticky or messy substances or spills. The dust mop usually functions in a way similar to brooms but it offers more convenience.

Given that you can use this mop for quite a lot of things their price is usually a bargainand very affordable. Due to their simple design, these mops tend to be easy to use and care for such that there is no need to worry about them getting gross due to water.

Sponge Mops

This mop features a spongy head that usually has an attached wringer. The head is usually removable which allows for easy rinsing and replacement. These sponge mops are easy to rinse and wring out and it is quite easy to ensure that your mop is kept free from bacteria.

This mop is ideal for cleaning spots and spills on the floor because they are very absorbent. With this mop scrubbing the floor has never been any easier especially when comparing to other mops like that made of microfiber.

Because it is relatively easy to scrub floors with this mop, it thus becomes the best choice for households which face challenges with regular floor messes.

Steam Mops

This is an electrical appliance which features a reusable mopping pad and a refillable tank of water. The water is used to produce steam after it has been heated up and this steam is released by a trigger and sprays through the moping pad into the floor.

Because they use steam in cleaning, these mops can have a double effect, that is moping and disinfecting which could account for their being expensive when compared to other mops. This mop type might not be well suited for every floor but works well on laminate, linoleum, hardwood and ceramic tile.


Indeed, mops are handy when it comes to taking care of your floors be it at home or in the office. However, they tend to follow different designs and materials which usually suite a specific type of cleaning job. Therefore, when selecting an ideal mop for your floor it is important that you consider the material used in its making as well as which floor type you would want to use it on.